The name origin

In 1959 Stefano Belletti, called “Il Baffo” for his strange moustache, opened the Tavern “Al Traghetto”.
The name Al Traghetto comes from the word used to define the old boats of river fishermen. In the Tavern all Stefano’s family worked and the fish was always fresh and ready to be cooked because Paolo Belletti, Stefano’s father, was a fisherman and he daily fished it.

Stefano liked inviting friends and preparing delicious banquets with handmade pasta such as lasagne, cappelletti, agnoli, tortelli and special recipes with frogs and donkey. Everything was handmade and cooked daily. Very soon the Tavern became famous not only in Rivarolo but also up to the near areas of Parma, Cremona and Brescia.

Stefano Belletti, with his strange long moustache and his perpetual smile, was able to give importance to the history of our village and our rivers; he created a place where people could taste healthy handmade food in a quiet place. The history of a village is not made only of ephocal events and legendary characters but also of people, like Stefano, who were able to give their heart to their village and their community.

With the same passion for hospitality, in 2014 the Bed and Breakfast "Al Traghetto" was opened. We decided to keep the same name of our family Tavern in order to underline that the memory of the past is still alive!

Welcome to B&B Al Traghetto

The B&B "Al Traghetto" is a nice little B&B with a recently renewed garden. It is set inside the Gonzaga walls of Rivarolo Mantovano, a little village in the Padana plain between Po and Oglio rivers.

Why should you chise us?

You should choose B&B “Al Traghetto":

because the hospitality of our family , the kindness and the courtesy are the qualities we donate to our guests. We will give a warm welcome, a high quality service during your staying and we will respect your privacy.

because we are set in a strategic area where you can easily reach the cities of Cremona, Mantova and Parma, and other important places such as Soncino, Sabbioneta, Castellaro Lagusello and Fontanellato.

because, during your staying, you will know customs and traditions of our village, with its history and misteries. You will spend your time in contact with nature, discovering taste and landscapes usually unknown by mass tourism.

because if you visit our area for work, our B&B will give you the best solution for your needs.

Don’t hesitate....visit us!!!